Green Pepper & Red Tomato was established in 2004 by myself Massimo Nucaro. I have been working for catering companies in the festival circuit since 1996 and the majority of food stalls at that time were made of ‘cowboy traders’, where cheap, low quality food was being sold at very high prices.

As you may know I am from Italy and many of you will agree that the Italian food culture in one of the best in the world. I embrace this culture and I do care about what’s on my plate.

So try to imagine myself working in a jungle of junk food, where most of the traders were taking advantage of the fact that there was nowhere else to buy food. In such circumstances it was very easy to contemplate starting a business.

So after 10 years here we are, growing stronger, expanding and establishing ourselves at the main music fesitvals around the country. Our main strength today, as six years ago is our food. We are still, and ever will, opt for the same simple principles as when we started.